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Purchase notes

Why do you believe us?

The modern design 100 has many years of export experience in Europe, they on the quality of the furniture, environmental indicators are very high, so our products are subject to strict selection, testing qualified products, can be exported to europe. The modern design 100 uses standardized production, so the goods you receive are consistent with the quality of the products received by the british. At the same time, we will provide customers with high quality service, so that you shopping here, it seems to be worth money, do not worry.

This is our assurance and commitment!

1, commodities:

Our goods are customized products, many products with different material, and can provide different colors, we must be customized production, materials and color to customer needs so, please be sure to confirm clearly before ordering! Or confirm it to our customer service staff! At the same time, a small number of goods are only the same material color, can not be customized!

2, the price:

The price of modern design 100 is on rmb!

3, order quantity:

Most modern design 100 goods can be ordered directly, a small amount of goods because of the need of production, must have a minimum order, please pay attention to the website related tips and ask the customer service personnel

4, delivery time:

modern design 100 of the goods are custom-made goods, so all goods have been ordered before production, which requires a complete production cycle.  Under normal circumstances, the modern design 100 can be placed in the order of 4 weeks or so delivery of goods! A small quantity of merchandise is stored in stock so you can receive dear goods soon.

5, deposit and final paragraph:

Customer order goods need to pay 30% deposit, modern design 100 party production orders. For the remaining 70%, please pay in full before shipment! After payment of the final payment, it will usually be shipped to the customer within three days!

6, about inventory

Because our goods is a custom type of goods, so we rarely do inventory, but some of the items will still do a small amount of inventory, so in order before you can contact our customer service staff you want to order the goods are in stock!

7, order and size:

1, sofa products can provide a small size change custom service, but must increase the corresponding ordering costs and extend delivery date!

2, engineering custom-made furniture, please contact modern design 100, research drawings can be determined!

8, packing and transportation:

modern design 100 packages are made of high quality export safety packaging to ensure that the goods are not damaged during shipment! And there is an Quanmu frame set on the outer packing! Ensure commodity safety!

Tip: please confirm the following information before delivery to ensure the punctual and safe delivery of the goods

1, the delivery address near the road is limited, line situation?

2, delivery address, the nearest elevator from the parking position distance?

3, residential parking fees?

4, residential parking is limited height, limit weight?

5. Is there a toll crossing?

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